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Drafting process of new Action Plans on Open Government and fight against corruption are launched.

19:48 / 21.10.2015

The implementation period of Action Plans on “Promoting Open Government and Fight Against Corruption for the years of 2012-2015” which were adopted by the 5th September 2012 dated decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, will be finalized in the end of 2015. Anti-Corruption Commission carries out the systematic evaluations of Action Plans and regularly publishes information on this in the web page of Commission.


Final review of the implementation of the Action Plans will be completed in the end of February 2016.


Commission plans the preparation of drafting of new Action Plan in this field. Members of civil society institutions are kindly asked to participate in this process and send their suggestions to the Secretariat of Anti-Corruption Commission via emails or phone calls. Initial draft of Action Plan after being prepared will be published in the web page of Commission and public discussions on this will be organized.


Contact details of Anti-Corruption Commission


+994 12 492 04 65



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Which measure do you consider more important for decreasing the level of corruption?
Increasing transparency in the activities of state bodies
Strengthening public control over activities of state bodies
Improvement of legislation
Recruitment of new staff to civil service
Strengthening of penalties against officials committed corruption offences
Strengthening of independence of judiciary
Increasing public awareness
Forming anti-corruption culture
Increasing the salaries of civil servants and those paid by state budget
Protecting and encouraging persons providing information on corruption offences by state
Informing public on revenues of civil servants